Hôm nay Yahoo site explorer chính thức khai tử

Hôm nay là ngày khai tử chương trình khám phá Link back tuyệt vời nhất từ trước đến nay.Vậy các tools seo có ảnh hưởng? dĩ nhiên là có nhưng cũng có nhiều hệ thống vẫn tìm cách duy trì và điển hình là Seo Spy Glass của Seo Power Suit (Mới thông báo cho tôi hôm nay). Ngoài ra là một vài lựa chọn khác dành cho các bạn

Raven Tools

Raven Tools provides a collection of SEO tools that will help you analyze, create, and manage your SEO campaigns.  Specifically, there link research and analysis tool combines the power of SEMRush and SEOmoz link data into one kick-ass tool!  I know that Raven Tools pays a pretty royalty penny for their customers to be able to leverage the power of SEMRush, so this is by far my favorite tool available for Link Analysis.

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Raven Feedback Feature Yahoo! Site Explorer Closing: What Other Link Intelligence Tools Are There?

Open Site Explorer (SEOmoz Premium)

SEOmoz has transitioned from being an IM service-based company, to providing a premium toolset of IM research/analysis web-based software.  The Open Site Explorer is a Link Popularity Checker and Backlink Analysis Tool, that is bundle into the SEOmoz Premium Toolset that they offer.  However SEOmoz does offer a free version of this tool for you to try out, it only returns 1,000 results.  This is a great place to start, but would recommend going premium if you want a comprehensive link list to analyze.

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open site explorer Yahoo! Site Explorer Closing: What Other Link Intelligence Tools Are There?


I bet many of you have never heard of the Ontolo, created by Ben Willis.  The Ontolo link building toolset provides qualified link prospects, faster.  They take the top 25 SEO keywords related to your business and they crawl and analyze each website in Google.  As each website receives new link prospects, they are added into your project database.  You can also use advanced search queries, to segment the list of potential link prospects, to find only the highest quality backlinks.  There tool is probably the best at segmenting and qualifying only the highest quality links that you should spend your time attaining.

I’m not going to lie…this tool is only for advanced link builders.  The packages start at $97/month and go up to $497/month.  However there is no other backlink intelligence tool out there in the market.  If you are an agency or a IM expert who spends A LOT of your time finding high quality backlinks, Ontolo may be your best fit.

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ontolo Yahoo! Site Explorer Closing: What Other Link Intelligence Tools Are There?


Over the past year or so, I have gotten to know the guys over at WebSEOAnalytics, so they always give me free access to their up and coming toolset they are building.  They have over 20 different SEO tools that can help you conduct any number of research/analysis campaigns.

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web seo analytics Yahoo! Site Explorer Closing: What Other Link Intelligence Tools Are There?

Now that Yahoo! Site Explorer is closing shop, I would highly recommend looking into one of these premium Link Analysis tools.  If you are still novice SEO or just starting out, stick with the free tools available until you get your feet wet.  However once you start to become more advanced and have a feel for what type of links are best to acquire, make sure you grab one of these tools!

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